me teaching biology


dmmd_69min prompt : facial hair.
i much fun w this…

Aug. 27 1:35 pm



This is the greatest Youtuber of All Time

Congratulations to (finally) reaching 1 million subscribers, Cr1tikal!


Evolution, 2014


Evolution, 2014

it was so so wrong and i was so sorry and i dont think she’ll ever forgive me

all i did was lie to her to make myself happy. just like the other did to me.

i lied to her

my right hip feels all out of wack/// and i ahve to talk to school people tomorrow/// anime plz safe me for at least 20 minutes



one of my nails almost broke off all the way today…. rip long nails….


ratchets an old man with an ipad but he calls it his Tablet because thats what old people call ipads. he asks raf to help him do some emailing. raf puts solitaire on his ipad and he never stops playing solitaire and sometimes he’ll just go PFEH or AHA! and everyone will look at him and hell look up and be like “just…doing some…calibrations” but its a lie. hes just a grandpa playing solitaire on his ipad.

calling all… people who’d like to work on a horror visual novel/game?


okay! so, i’d really like to make a game and for now it’s in the planning stages… i’ve been wanting to make it for a long time, and i thought, “even if it isn’t good now, we need to start somewhere!” so yeah… more info about what i’d want it to be about under the cut, also some trigger warnings because it is a horror game. the game will feature #body horror, #blood, #gore, #unreality, #cancer, #emotional and physical abuse, #dysphoria, and a medical setting in general. The name I’ve been running with is Autophobia!

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There are about a billion arrangements of “Bad Apple!!” but this one, performed with traditional Japanese instruments, is one of the best and most unique that I’ve seen. 

It’s the complete opposite of the bouncy techno remixes (which, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy) that make up a lot of Touhou Project fan music, and actually feels a lot truer to the nature of Gensokyo.